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Mediumship and Spiritual Healing (Practical workshop)
healing and for readings.
The optical viewing of the energy fields gives us conscious insights into the spiritual world and especially into the astral world. There, elementals (powers) develop which build the personality and the DESTINY of a person. At this level, entities, angels and teachers take influence to unleash and raise the spiritual powers of the participants.
The participants are practicing to implement the essentials of spiritual helping. They learn to address to the highest authority, ask for the good of their fellow men and take action. They are offered the possibility, together with very high developed entities, to effect structural changes for their fellow men and women.
Many participants experience a starting visual contact to the Spiritual World and to great entities. Clairsensing participants usually can be lead to a telepathic contact to these entities. These participants can also be lead to peer people's former lives.
After the directed meditation and inauguration, participants learn to consciously convert their intuitions, contact entities and more and more perceive the subconscious and the soul of a person.
The goal of this workshop, supported by the Spiritual World, is to raise the own mediumship, build up healing powers, raise the self healing powers to a new level and reduce obstacles of the participant‘s soul.
Systematically and very carefully, the participants are introduced to seeing aura. They learn to get open and use their potential. By specific exercises, many participants unfold the skills to diversify colors, identify shapes and the positive attributes and meaning of the aura.
Seeing the aura is a kind of perception where the shining, colorful and pulsing energy field that surrounds the human body is observed. This aura field contains many informations of human existence and permanently effects the person. Healers use the changeable properties of the aura field for energy