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The Mystical Fire
The Mystical Fire
The mystical fire may enable visions, mostly with christian background, even containing revelations, up to religious ecstasy. The peace of mind of each individual is strongly enabled.
The legendary healing power, which also enlightens people is found in all cultures on all continents throughout all ages. This power shows itself in the same manner across the globe but culturally has different names. This mystical appearance is a natural process that is provided by nature for mankind. There are only few people who unleashed the "mystical fire" within theirselves on their own. It seems to be easier for people who do daily meditations like swamis, monks, god seekers, priests, truth seekers, yogis, big healers, nuns and shamans to experience this liberation. From time immemorial, it is common to make this relief a gift for disciples and seekers. Some people hardly senses the starting symptoms while others feel it stronger. People who already experienced the "mystical fire" know the initial symptoms. They know that the control about their own bodies and their selves wasn't at risk for any second and that the human consciousness was always completely aware. When this process is terminated, these persons are again capable of unleashing the spiritual power within the seeker. This spiritual power unleashes, confesses and purifies the people. In incompetent hands, this power sometimes develops its own dynamics and shows the mental impulse of the client. The light side will only expose as much spiritual power as helps and is good for the person. Unfortunately, there are also some black sheep in this sector
The mystical fire, also known as kundalini power, is the fundamental life energy of mankind. It is an overwhelming gift of nature. If this power levels off at highest condition the person is fullfilled with strong vitality and god's mind. Even if the complete awakening of the kundalini is a very rare phenomenon, exceptional healers with special powers are able to initiate this phenomenon with their clients.
This power is very intense because it develops the ability for religious trance, for the mystical fire (kundalini power) and raises the self healing powers.
Physical Symptoms

* Vibration of the body and the head
* Swinging / twitching and sometimes shaking
* Praying position (worship of god)
* Physical harmony (vitality)
* Non-intentional bow (gratitude)
* Turning and swiveling of the head (raise of the gift of communication)
* Undulation of the belly (extended feeling and raised power)
* Tilting
* Starchiness of hands (grace)
* Light headache (light)
*Strong prickles in feet and legs (strongly raised light and vitality)
*Stronk itching under the skin (raised light and mental cleansing)
* Hot or cold hands and feet (healing light)
* Temporary change of eye color - soft gold-greenish tint (grace)
* Hot flashes (impulses of vitality)
* Hot spine (raised concentration)
* Enormous boost of vitality (physically less woundable)
* Raise of sexual energy (means more freedom and vitality)
* Temporary nervousness (often appears during cleansing of soul)
* Temporary hearing holy sounds (often means liberation of the soul)
* Seeing with closed eyes (extended capabilities / Siddhis)
* Swoosh in the head (means liberation of the soul)
* Breathsleep - the breath sleeps (big grace and spiritual awakening)
Inner spiritual symptoms

*Increase of sensitivity
*Euphoric conditions of joy
*Up and down ot emotions (cleansing)
*Revelation of the spiritual impulse of the client
*Compulsive desire for meditation
*Experience of two realities
*Possibility of viewing inside
*Sinking into religious trance (spiritual awakening)
*Strong perceptio of cold and warm (raised sensitivity and power)
*Eventually astral or tunnel journeys
*Peaceful changes in personality
*New emphasis, religious orientation
*Strong feelings of love - mercifulness
*Inner pictures and visions (clairvoyance)
*The capability of healing with one‘s hands
*Mental seeing
*Increasing the awareness of all senses
*Diverse mediumistic capabilities like seeing aura
*The ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality
*Closeness to God
*Growing consciousness
Armin Mattich