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Intensiv-week 5 days intensive seminar with Armin
group, the participants are implementing their acquired skills lovingly. They are enabled and get help to turn to the Highest Authority (God) and have very efficient sessions and cause considerable changes. A helper should be able to raise the self healing powers within a person and accelerate the healing processes. The realisation, the development and the handling of the legendary power that enlightens people has a great meaning for helpers. The practical experience with this power is one of the greatest spiritual experiences of mankind.
Seminar address in Hockenheim:
Restaurant zum Stadtpark,
1st floor, Parkstrasse 1b,
D-68766 Hockenheim.
This seminar starts at 10 am and ends around 7 pm.
During this seminar the main goals are progression, the raising of the healing power and the purposeful use of vitalising powers. It is about getting the soul to shine more. This means a week of intense practical work within the group. During these five days, you learn to act constructively on all levels. This seminar is made for people who want to help others. Playfully you get to know your amenities and dispositions, build up and implement these. In this seminar the focus is the gift of helping. In some cases the ability of diagnosis and trance can also be triggered and will be developed individually. Within the