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Personal Consultations
possible. This part of the session is held while the client is laying down or sitting in a chair. The second step, literally the deepening work, is done while the client is standing. The power which has been unleashed during the consultation will unfold further for a couple of days after the session.
Personal coachings will be held in Hockenheim by Andrea with an appointment. Already one to four sessions (about 50 minutes for one session) show a deep impact and are highly effective for the client.
Personal coachings by agreement: Wednesday oder Thursday afternoon, Untere Hauptstraße 72 in D-68766 Hockenheim, Germany.

Duration about 50 min., € 50,-
e-mail:  or via internet
Office phone: +49 6205-283756 von 13:00-18:00 Uhr Fax: +49 6205-283754
with Andrea Mattich

In an act of deepest attention to fellow men and women, Andrea is doing personal consultations. Thereby, prayers (intercessions) in the indigenous christian sense are the center of the act. The aim is that the client is helping with God's help and his or her soul is shining brighter. Andrea applies her power very consciously during a consultation to unleash and boost the client's self healing power. She joins in to the client and only
talks about the most peculiar spots. During two steps, the client's balance of power is captured by Andrea and is restored as far as