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Volker Tischendorf
Volker Tischendorf was born in Salzburg and is the proud father of 3 sons. He began his career as a spiritual healer in 2007 after years of intensive outdoor sport and extensive experience as a technical geologist.

A serious illness in his immediate family and the experience of an otherwise unexplainable recovery cause Volker to begin his search for the true spirit of healing in 1999.

In the course of his Kundalini-Awakening in cooperation with Healer Armin Mattich, Volker experienced intensive inner experiences and visions - the true
spiritual journey began. His teacher, who later became his friend,  taught him how to bring this innate ability to the surface in others.

The work of Andrea Dinkel, Volkerís life partner, helped him see deeply into the souls of other people. The greatest change in Volkerís life occurred when he met Maya Storms, who gave him "Knowledge" (Closeness to God) in 2008. This was the point when Volkerís search ended and his inner yearning was stilled.

To awaken this awareness of the internal light and to be able to help others to experience this internal peace is an important part of Volkerís work with other people.