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Back in Germany she was also searching for spiritual healing methods and, after praying and asking for a teacher, she was lead to Armin Mattich. Armin raised her mediumship and triggered more skills within her. The contact to the Spiritual World was activated again. Many visions were following.

In the year 2001 Andrea met Maya Storms. From Maya, Andrea received the Gift of Knowledge ("Closeness to God") in the same year. With this, her search had an end and she had recovered her "real home". In 2003, Andrea also received "Knowledge" by Maharaji (Prem Rawat).

During the years, different spiritual techniques helped Andrea to make the access to her own soul more intense and experience her mediumship even stronger. In the last years she was educated by different English mediums. Seeing former lifes and there recognizing the cause for a present problem has become an essential part of her work.

Andrea sees her mission in helping people to start their journey to their inside and to restart the connection to their soul, the connection to God and all that is. She's doing her work so people can have a new awareness for the gift of life.
Andrea was born on 24th Dezember 1969. Already as a small kid, she sensed the Spiritual World. Because this world does not belong to the reality of the adults, she stepped back from the contact to the spiritual world.

During an emergency surgery in 1996, Andrea made profound experience of light which completely changed her life. Shortly after, she went to the US where she came in touch with different cultures and religions and which made her search the completeness.
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Tore zur Freiheit
Wie wir durch die geistige Welt
und frühere Leben unsere Seelenaufgabe finden
Erscheinungstermin: November 2018
Autor: Andrea Dinkel-Tischendorf
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