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in Den Haag. During WW II she was in the resistance and later lived in Indonesia for some years. In these years she escaped death a couple of times. Being a child, Maya had visions of former lifes and of her "real home" - 36 years ago she then was unexpectedly asked to serve God by a light being.

Her work
With her work, Maya is focusing on the soul level of a person. Most important for her is the soul's content of light since it contains deep experiences from former lifes.
Maya supports people in the growth of their inner light by helping to forgive one self and others in love. By this the own inner light and inner peace of a person increase.
Maya calls herself "intermediate" which means that she is perceiving relevant pictures of peoples' former lifes.
She opens the doors and paths to God for people.
Maya loves God with all of her heart and soul.
About one year before her mediumship turned "outside", she received "Knowledge" - the knowledge and awareness of God - which only can be experienced by a person's inner self.
This is the source from which Maya lives and works.
During his search for truth, Armin finally met Maya Storms in 1995, the keynote speaker of the World Congresses for Spiritual Healing. Maya turned out to be the teacher Armin many years was longing for. Armin asked Maya Storms for instruction and for help with his own spiritual search. The following years, Maya teached Armin to realize what's affecting people within. Since Maya has so much to give for people who are spiritually seeking, Armin invited her to Germany. Thereby, he made possible that Maya could have contact to many other people. During all those years a great friendship developed.
Maya Storms was born on the 9th October in Dorndrecht (NL) and was raised
Maya Storms  born on * 9 Oktober 1924 in Dordrecht (NL)   † 22. Februar 2016 in Arnheim (NL)
Das letzte Siegel

Mediale Erfahrungen aus einer unerkannten Welt
Erscheinungstermin: November 2005
Autor: Maya Storms
gebundene Ausgabe, ca. 280 Seiten
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