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deep and extensive experience in practicing different spiritual healing methods. She enlarged her experience and her knowledge by study trips to different countries. Together with her husband, she visits healers, mediums and grand souls to find people who today still can work wonders.

The couple also works during big sessions where their work goes along with spontaneous helpings and spiritual phenomena.

Andrea received "Knowledge" by the grand soul Maya Storms in 2008. She is in deep gratitude for this inauguration and the associated peace.
Andrea Mattich
Andrea was born in 1966. From the beginning, her heart's desire was to understand her fellow men deep inside and to help them during hard times. Since many years she participates in spiritual seminars and learned to practice different healing methods.

After she met Armin Mattich, who later became her husband, her life took a twist. He raised her mediality, unleashed her mystical fire (kundalini power) and helped her to do so with other people.
While collaborating in numerous seminars of Armin Mattich, Andrea gained a