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Healing Session   Help from the Spiritual World (open event)
session the participants are not asked any questions. Actual concerns and special details can be noted on a piece of paper and placed below the chair. During the meditation, Armin and Andrea are reading the notes and once more pray for the parties involved. Photos of close persons can gladly be brought so they can also receive prayers during the session.
While working in sessions, Armin and Andrea are in a very high state of consciousness and express the unleashed power in their very own ways. So it can be very hot around Armin and Andrea and participants may have visions. Appearing scents like olibanum, rose, lilies of the valley and scents of fruit and appearance of spontaneous help are created by the presence and approach of helping entities and teachers. Further support is experienced by the subsumable presence of Holy Teresa of Avila, Holy Padre Pio and many more.
The event "Help from the Spiritual World" takes place once a month in, mostly on the second Sunday of the month. Two sessions are held: from 2 pm to 4 pm as from 4 pm to 6 pm. Enough places will be available at 4 pm.
After a short inauguration, Armin is leading a meditation with participants sitting on chairs, taking about 45 minutes. Subsequently, the work is done with loud music, participants standing on their feet, for further 20 minutes. During the session, Armin and Andrea get into their  highest state of perception. In this condition, they have the ability to contact the subconscious ot the participants. In quiet prayers, their concentration is focused on the essence. During a
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