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(The Inner Homecoming). During his sessions, workshops and congresses, the participants experience repeatedly spontaneous helpings and get access to their own soul. Many people receive more inner peace by Armin‘s work and presence. Some of them even experience religious ecstasy which changes their lives completely.
He is one of the few people in Europe who is able to unleash the mystic fire within a person (Kundalini Power). This makes him one of the most exceptional contributors in the German speaking region.
His deep knowledge of the soul, the fundamental powers working within a person and his gifts enable Armin to raise the vital power of the participants and also to raise their inner lights. With the help of prayers and his presence, he is able to connect people to spiritual abilities, literally without having learned them. Armin is opening an inner door to the soul within many people, a door to the spiritual world and unleashes their spiritual powers. He playfully infuses mediumistic abilities and healing power.
He feels that the talent entrusted to him is a gift which he offers in a very special way to his fellow men and women. His studies are focussed to the elevation of an individual consciousness and to spiritual healing methods.
In his strong Christian Belief, Armin feels deeply connected to God and his biggest desire is to serve Him.

Part of his knowledge and experience he has now summarized in his book "Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit". "In search of the truth"
Armin Mattich
Armin Mattich was born in the year 1956 in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. As a kid he already made deep spiritual and mediumistic experiences. An accident and the following medicamental treatment caused his first out of body experience. Visions and spontaneous healings during the following years caused him to visit healers, mediums and finally enlightened people to get to know more about himself and his legacy. There, he experienced a deep understanding of the reality and of what is effecting people. Thus he developed a deep understanding about the soul and it‘s nature.
Through Maya Storms, Armin received the gift of "Knowledge" in the year 1996