Christian mysticism
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unleash the mystic fire (kundalini power) within people. The mystic fire allowed many people to live a more authentic live and to make their own experience of God. In his very own manner, Armin helps people to re-access their own soul. To bring the soul of the participants in balance, he dismantles destiny building forces which leads to more freedom.

By this approach, the hearts of the participants open on many levels, their power grows continuously and they get the chance to live more and more self-determined. The newly achieved capabilities - the openness, power and the vitality - are vastly being preserved for the participants. This also means that the participants now can have their own free and independent spiritual experience and their inner peace is more and more unfolding. These exceptional helpings are only possible through God‘s help.

Part of his knowledge and experience he has now summarized in his book "Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit". "In search of the truth"   To the book
His approach to work
Armin Mattich is following his call and lives his christian purpose in bond with God. Since the 1990s Armin is working in public and works in his very own way. During his sessions, seminars and during congresses, Armin offers the possibility to get in touch with a variety of healing methods to numerous people. His work is strongly influenced by his spiritual teacher and friend Maya Storms.

His practice enfolds particularly in the helping on the soul level in terms of the ancient Christian origin. Often, he causes forgiveness for the souls of the participants and diminishes their elementary burden. The prior goal is to heal and unleash the soul of people. Through helping and unleashing the soul, Armin often succeedes in uncovering fundamental power within the participants, which represents the self healing power of a person. He also is able to bare mediality and sensitivity of a person and to raise it. Furthermore, he is one of the few people in Europe to