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Die andere Realität 2000
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Local newspaper, Hockenheim
A report about the healer Armin Mattich   

Spiritual healing, paths to mediumship  

This treatment caused a conscious out-of-body experience. Totally relaxed, Armin experienced this wonderful happening but could not classify it. So this experience slowly faded away in his memory. Years later, perceptions, exceptional healings and temporary visions appeared. At that time he was confronted with a lack of understanding.

Especially helpful were his visits at great healers, where Armin got to know different healing methods and gained a deeper understanding of reality. In December 1981 a good friend suddenly became seriously ill. The patient was brought to hospital with aches and pains, partially paralization and temporary senselessness. Examinations, diagnoses and intensive care were following. She was suffering from a rare illness only fourty others had before her who either became nursing cases or even died. Now Armin turned to our Creator. Daily he visited his friend and he could observe at the monitors how her vital functions and brain functions became normal as soon as he took place next to her bed. As a result, mysterious improvement of all body functions took place. The paralysation of one side slowly went away. One evening the light figure of a padre appeared who said some words to her and she instantly left her bed. His friend subsequently recovered completely from her disease. Other patients who were treated by Armin became clairvoyant and woke up several times during the night. Some of his patients saw his light figure or the one of a padre during the night.
A meeting with the healer "Sinisa" taught him the close connection between healing and mediumship. As a consequence of this encounter, his beginning clairvoyance and his ability to trigger different mediumistic capabilities for his clients extended. Within a strong desire was growing to meet a teacher who could consciously leave his body, who would be supported by angels, who would trigger mediumship and who would know the truth.
His expectations were strongly exceeded when he met Maya Storms. Maya instantly took Armin to her heart and treated him very carefully. She taught him the handling and healing with angels and much more. In the year 1996, he received the big gift of "Knowledge" by Maya Storms. This experience should have great influence on his life and his work. Some of his clients had conscious out-of-body experiences after an initiation or treatment or developed capabilities and strengths which origins were from the spiritual world and were taught there. His work was accompanied by enormous spontaneity and transformation.

In the field of mediumistic healing or becoming mediumistic by healing, he still had to discover a lot - and life lead him to Cyprus to the circle of the world-famous healers"Daskalos" and "Kikis" (Kosta). For the "Researchers of Truth" it is absolutely normal to leave their body in full consciousness to do healing.
Having arrived in Cyprus, Armin was warmly welcomed by Kikis and they talked about his experiences as a transmitter of vitality and mediumship. Sponaneously, Kikis offered him his help and guidance.
In the community of the Researchers of Truth he felt very conceived and sheltered while learning and working. Everything what he learned and what came to him, he sees as gifts that have been donated to him. From his own experience Armin now has gotten his proof that vitality and mediumship belong together and that one leads to the other. This deep awareness goes with his complete life.

Magazine "Die Andere Realität" in 2000