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Help to to become vitality -  One day workshop
mainly responsible for physical and mental well being.

Inner light and fire, the two essential parts of self healing powers of a human being, can increase during the workshop by doing different exercices. In this case, the participants feel warm and heat and/or a glow in the inside of the head and many more. For most of the people, these perceptions come along with a deep peace of mind.
Many participants often report weeks or months after the workshop that their vitality, openness and the power that they experienced during this day, mostly stayed with them. The spiritual experiences can be made freely and independently.

In this one day workshop many sorts of spiritual helping find their expression - all techniques with the goal to raise the self healing powers of the participant.

The participants do not need to have any spiritual knowledge or meditation experience before doing the workshop.
This one day workshop is made for people who want to get more vitality with God's help and for this want to be supported by Armin. The workshop itself is borne by lightness and joy.

The participants practice different exercices during the day which raise their self healing powers. With God's help, Armin is opening the doors to the very own soul and helps to let the soul shine more and more. The work on the soul level is one of the most important parts in this workshop because the soul is