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Die andere Realitšt 2000
Die andere Realitšt 2002
Local newspaper, Hockenheim
The life of a called one 
A report from A.J. Goldmann 

When talking about the happenings and miracles of his life it sounds as incidential as talking about the weather. However, the listener is fascinated from the beginning: What sounds so incidential for the healer makes us listening jaw-dropped like a kid.

The first contact to the Spiritual World.
He had his first contact to the Spiritual World as a kid when he meets with an accident for the first time and seriously injures his right eye. After medical treatment and medicinal immobilization, the boy has his first conscious out-of-body experience. In retrospect he describes the astral journey as "a very comfortable experience during which a lot of knowledge, understanding and power was streaming inside of him". "In this moment", says the healer, "I understood that a complete healing of my eye would be possible - but I was shown what was going to happen if I was agreeing to this healing and that was the reason why I decided not to agree." Very conscious, the kid decided for the limitation of his eye for the good of a loved person. This incident was becoming the catalyst for numerous visions that appeared during the following years. In these visions he was clearly shown backgrounds of things that concerned him at that time.

Visions and first experience by the power of thoughts.
At the age of seven Armin already talks about incidents that would happen in the future. Dismissing it as phantasies, family and society objected strongly to the prophecies of the boy since these did not fit into their belief systems. However, all the prophecies fullfilled during the following years.
Two of Armin's brothers become witness of the exceptional capabilities of the boy: During a thunderstorm a light sphere floats towards his older brother. Armin realizes that this sphere literally is persecuting his brother. He shouts at him to run away and tells him the direction. He makes his brother run around a metal jar, prays and concentrates on the sphere. The light sphere subsequently sinks to the ground and discharges with a loud bang. Both of his brothers safely overcome this exceptional happening. Armin is nine years old at that time.

The call of the Spiritual World.
His mother talks a lot about sicknesses as cancer and about where the kids would feel the best. His mother's sorrows become reason for daily concentrating at his mother. He directly turns to our Creator. The long prayers during the night don't remain unheard and Armin is getting called by the Spiritual World still being a kid.
With the call of the Spiritual World, the young Armin also gets the empowerment to change the life circumstances of his fellow men and women with his prayers. As soon as he got involved with ill people and wished that they would become healthy, it happened most of the times. Spontaneous healings more and more appeared. Like this, his family, friends and fellows, basically everyone who he had contact with have been spared until today. Noone became victim of his disease, even cancer made no exception.
In the early days of his childhood, the healer was accompanied by a loving entity whose voice talked within himself. "One fine day", says the medium, the voice asked me if I wanted to be different from others ... I pored a lot on this question. Finally, having had enough experience in being different from others, I negated the question". The well-known voice dissapears. The most gentle and kind voice he knew should only return to him many years later ...

Does God exist or does he not?
At Armin's school, a big part of his class maids deny God's existence. The boy is having doubts. He questions God's existence in many ways. He is reading the bible and gets to know "The Last Judgement". In his naive thinking he wants to know this exactly. After long prayers and asking he is given an experience. The insight of this vision offers him that he himself has made the judgement and he feels "real justice".

The search starts...
His visions and exceptional perceptions are pushing him to learn more about the hidden things. During the 1970s he is reading countless books and calls on according authors. He gets to know many new things but his longing for understanding stays unfilled. I am smiling writing this sentence because I know: Years later he furiously will destroy all these books since these, like he says, "just constrained his search and cost him many years."
Armin visits the most different healers and studies different healing methods. Finally he meets people who had made similar experiences and who now connect him to an understanding for himself and for the Essence of God. By this, he gets a deeper understanding of the truth.
The healing of a friend:
In the year 1981, Armin has a profound experience: A good friend gets seriously ill. The apparent cause seems to be a severe stair drop. The young lady is advanced at pregnancy at that time and passes out. She is brought to the hospital in Speyer. Armin knows about the severeness of the case and persists on examining the brain. The hospital staff does not want to believe that the young lady has problems in the brain area. In the same night, Armin is reporting to the responsible gynecologist who finally initiates the steps for the change to the hospital in Mannheim. Diagnosis: cerebral hemorrhage. The prognosis is bad: All other patients with the same diagnosis (40 people) in the same hospital either became nursing cases or died. His friend loses her planned child in the eighth month. Armin again turns to our Creator. Daily he visites his friend and makes an interesting discovery: As soon as he steps next to her bed, her vitality values and brain functions become normal. The doctors daily witness the phenomenon at the measurement devices. During the night, the patient sometimes sees a light being standing next to her. After 14 days, the doctors finally give plenty of rope to the sensitive and involve him to consult them. Armin starts his treatment with a massage of the feet. After 20 minutes his friend can move her toes again. The left arm and leg start reacting after further 70 minutes.
The half sided paralyzation goes back slowly and the eyes (one of her eyes was crossed-eyed after the accident) get normal again. One day later, the figure of light of a padre appears who talks to her and instructs her to get out of bed what she instantly does. The following day, she walks on her own. The patient is completely healed. It remains to be told that during the following 10 years about 60 similar diagnosis were made in this hospital and all of them either became nursing cases or died. Armin finally realizes which exceptional gift and serendipity he has gotten.
The healing of his friend makes the thirty year old visiting Saints all over Europe. His thirst for knowledge is burning in his soul and is driving him further and further. With these people he experiences closeness to God, true love and understanding. Being touched deep in his soul, he realizes answers for the past, the present and the future. "The Saints answer in their own way, not verbally, they make a gift ...!" He came much closer to his search for truth.

The encounter that changes his life.
During the world congress of Spiritual Healing in 1994 in Switzerland, Armin met Maya Storms, the main speaker of the congress, for the first time. The tender encounter became a wonderful friendship over the years. Maya knows the truth and is in highest connection to God. She provides him with answers in her own way and assists him. In 1996, he receives the great gift of "Closeness to God" from Maya. The essential incident of his life and which "took him many years to understand the whole importance" how he describes it on his own. Mostly parallel he gets into the circle of the world-known healers Daskalos and Kosta. For the seekers of truth it is absolutely normal to leave their bodies to do their healing work. These two encounters are the beginning and the conscious working of the healer and are influencing his work to an extremely high degree until today. The cypriotic way to get to know the truth with your own experience (knowledge) and the dedicative way of Maya to serve God are part and parcel of Armin's effectiveness.

The impact of his work.
Many years ago, the special gift of triggering mediumistic capabilities with his clients developed. He appears like a catalyst who - without changing himself - passes on capabilities, initiates Spiritual Awakening and subsequently speeds up personal development. The healer is supported by strong entities. The consequences of his work are amongst others clairvoyance, clairfeeling, clairhearing plus the increase of the own healing powers.
"The further a person opens up theirself, the more capabilities one gains by this opening of the heart. Contacting a light being also is possible then."
An essential part of his work is not only the healing and the raise of the mediumistic capabilities but also the supervision ot people who are seeking as he was once.

For seekers and needy people Armin is offering an open event once a month. The event often takes place on the second sunday of the month in the building of "Stadtpark Hockenheim". It is called "Healing session - Help from the Spiritual World" and starts at 2 pm and again at 4 pm.
Magazin "Die Andere Realitšt" in 2002