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arrived. Roland offers personal consultations where he makes quiet prayers and intercessions for his clients. He is supported by spiritual helpers. Furthermore, Roland offers meditations and spiritual seminars.
Roland was born in the small village of Nusplingen, Germany, in 1969. Today he is married and they have one son. Already as a kid, Roland was filled with a deep craving. This lead him to the search of an inner truth and has gotten in contact to the most different spiritual methods. He there made his first inner experience with the Spiritual World.
In the year 2003, he met Armin Mattich who raised his mediumistic skills. During the years, Armin became a teacher, colleague and good friend.
The biggest change in Roland's life was activated by meeting Maya Storms. She gave him "Closeness to God", "The Knowledge". Finally, his search had an end by seeing the Inner Light through Maya. Since then he feels having
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