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intense and more people were seeking her proximity, Laurens quit his law firm to fully support Maya. This also allowed the publication of the book "Das letzte Siegel". In the year 1976, Laurens received "Knowledge".
During his life, Laurens professionally turned to yoga. At the German Yoga Institute, Laurens was trained a classic yoga teacher and for him it was all about the spiritual aspect of yoga: experiencing the real inner light. Due to this concern, Laurens developed a depth-meditation which is very powerful and sometimes leads to a kind of trance healing for his participants.
Laurens was born in The Netherlands in 1946. Today he lives in Arnheim with his wife Maya Storms. During his law studies he joined a yoga class and there experienced the inner light for the first time which opened new universes apart from the daily routines. With this experience, his life changed from one moment to the other: He became vegetarian, became physically fitter, flexible and more subtle and startet to meditate regularly.
Encountering his wife-to-be Maya Storms made his spiritual development even more intense and does until today. Finally through Maya, Laurens received a deep grasp of the inner cosmos, the soul and for what represents us in depth as a soul.
When the spiritual development of Maya was becoming more and more